About our idea

An imaginative housing initiative for older creative people.

The ambition of Independent Creative Living is to forge an intentional community which is domestically secure, imaginatively supported, creatively stretched and respected by collaborators for its collective wisdom.

The initiative aims to:

  • Maintain the independence of older creative people
  • Sustain their creativity, skills and productivity within communities to combat stagnation and ill-health
  • Provide a mutually-supportive living environment which, by reducing social isolation and loneliness, enhances their well-being

This unique housing initiative is intended to be sited in an urban cultural quarter and is aimed primarily at older artists (across all art forms) and at other older creative people. It will, through the provision of amenities and opportunities within a safe and stimulating environment, welcome inter-generational participation, support creative co-learning and co-production and enhance and maintain the independence of older creative people.  

Through harnessing the knowledge and expertise of older creative people, the initiative will make an important contribution within diverse constituencies of interest and to the cultural creativity and innovation of a place.